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Hackensack Chiropractor Gets Rave Reviews

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Santoro Chiropractic Health patient testimonials below and please contact the office if you have any questions.

Peace of I,
Dr. Catherine Santoro

“Dr. Santoro Saved My Life”

In 2005/06 I was dying, my lung disease was so severe I was using a wheel chair to get around, the pain from back and neck injuries was so severe the wheel chair was also assisting my mobility. If not in the wheelchair I used a walker. I was on oxygen and the doctors gave me a year to live. Even on oxygen my oxygen level was 86. I was in bad shape. I started giving away my possessions, making plans for the end going through the stages of dying (anger, etc), but when it came to bargaining I made a deal with the powers that be that I would try to live.

I was referred to a pain management center and was prescribed massive doses of pain medication which helped my pain, but interfered with my breathing.

I started to see Dr. Catherine Santoro for treatment. Using a chiropractic tool, she gently manipulates the spine. I began ZHT treatments for my breathing problems. She showed me how to help myself with some home exercises and I saw her three times a week for both the chiropractic and the breathing treatment. Gradually I improved. I started Nutritional Treatments during this time.

Thanks to Dr. Santoro’s treatment I was able to come off the pain medications that interfered with my breathing entirely.

I lost my dependence on wheelchairs and walkers–and pain medication! I walk upright. I still use oxygen but it is now 2012 and my oxygen level averages 95 which is pretty darn good. Dr. Santoro saved my life no two ways about it. My health improvement astounded my medical doctors.

The quality of my live is so much better from almost going into a nursing home to being independent, I can’t praise Dr. Santoro highly enough!

God Bless her,

Victoria D. Fairview, NJ