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Hackensack Chiropractor | Dr. Catherine Santoro

I experienced the miracle of chiropractic and I have my father, Joseph Santoro, to thank for that!

Dr. Catherine Santoro Hasbrouck  chiropractor

Dr. Catherine Santoro, Hasbrouck Chiropractor

When I was 14 years old, I suffered with arm and neck pain as well as paralysis of my right arm and hand. My father took me to his chiropractor, and after a few visits, I had full use of my arm again. I learned about different activities of daily living that would aggravate my condition, such as, bowling, tennis, babysitting (carrying children), carrying heavy grocery bags, etc. I learned to balance my activities, so as to keep my body functioning optimally.

When I was in my second year in Georgian Court College in the pre-med program, and while working in the microbiology lab, I developed a strep throat. I saw both my medical doctor and my chiropractor, and felt that the chiropractor’s approach resonated with me. My medical doctor told me that my health would continue to be compromised for many years to come, where as my chiropractor, helped me to improve my health naturally and expected a full recovery.

Through this experience, I understood the limitations of modern medicine and as a result decided to change my career path to that of chiropractic.

Chiropractic Education

I completed the remaining pre-requisite courses at Bergen Community College during the summer of 1978 and was enrolled in Logan College of Chiropractic by the fall of the same year. I enjoyed many aspects of my education, especially anatomy class, where I learned first hand, all the intricacies of the human body. I also enjoyed the technique classes, such a Logan Basic, Activator Methods, and Diversified. I learned so many ways in which to help patients. When I graduated,I returned home, and after passing my state boards, began my life as a chiropractor, in Hackensack, NJ. I continue to serve my community as I have for the past 29 years.

On a personal note…

Chiropractic and nutrition are always my first lines of defense whenever I have a health challenge. I also believe that stress is the number one cause of disease. This stress could be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or environmental. This belief began through my studies and personal journey utilizing Concept Therapy.

I continue to utilize this philosophy as well as Self Identity through Ho’oponopono for myself, my family and my patients. I address the whole person to make permanent and lasting change in their lives.

I consider myself an excellent listener and I look forward to meeting you in person and learning how I may be of service to you.

Please contact our Hasbrouck Heights chiropractic office or email me using the link below and let’s arrange a convenient time to begin your journey.